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Product Description

Iconic Cassette Velvet Cushion. A retro image that will take many back to their youth, or humour the youth of today with how we used to listen to music – regardless, this is a classic design with bold statement colouring, portrayed in a almost Pop-Art style, reminiscent of Warhol and Lichtenstein.

  • Soft velvet cushion with removable filling.
  • Cassette print on front.
  • Cassette print on reverse.
  • Available in other styles/colours.


This is a pretty cool cushion, designed in the style of an old cassette tape. It is designed by Elenba and measures 50cm x 30cm. It is filled with hypo allergenic hollow fibre which has an internal zip, although I'd advise being careful opening up the inner zip in case the stuffing falls out

The outer cushion cover is made of plush velvet and is really soft, it can be machine washed separately on a gentle cycle in cold water, tumble dried on a low heat. The washing instructions are just inside the cushion cover

This is an unusual cushion and great if you like to make a statement, good to have in the bedroom or living room.


It’s soft and beautiful, and it’s very comfortable to hold. It can be used as a resting pillow or it can be hugged to watch TV. Beautiful and very retro pictures recommended

Other Details

Machine washable at 30 degrees
50 x 30 cm
Generous hollow fibre
Discreet Zip closure for easy removal