Elenba on Radio X

Elenba on Radio X

Elin on 10th Feb 2021

We sent a letter to Dominic Byrne on the Chris Moyles show on Radio X last week, well - by 'letter' we mean a large parcel with five of our cassette cushions. 

We are of course very keen listeners but actually MISSED IT live on air on Tuesday - too much going on at work and everything. Listening back later in the day we were THRILLED to hear that they a) - were in the studio to actually receive them, the previous week there was a moment when the show was broadcast from their homes; and b) that they received our huge but light parcel of cool cushion softness AND decided to read out to all the listeners just how COOL these cushions are.

So nice to hear the lovely comments from Pippa, Dom and Chris - and thanks to everyone who came and bought a cushion as a result.

Here's a link to the show, not sure how long they keep them up for on catch up but we'll be sure to listen over once more.

The Chris Moyles Show

By Radio X UK

Tuesday, 9 February