About us

elenba cushions on a sofa in front of the elenba logo on a graffiti wall
Hi there, welcome to Elenba, and thanks for checking us out!

Elenba was born out of a need to express a love for classic designs in the shape of colourful home accessories. With thought, care and passion we'd like to splash a bit of personality and colour into homes/offices/gardens across the land. 
We salute the brave and the bold, and relish statements.
- Show some colour -
In our design journey, we try to bring to light things that we think are so cool they are timeless. Design classics if you will. It could be a VU Meter on an old amplifier, the shape of a motorcycle or a tattoo on a girls arm that is just awesome.
It's these elements that Elenba aims to capture, design and bring into your home. Together we will give a wink to heritage, tip our hat to design simplicity and bow before the alter of design creativity.
- Started on a wall - 
Cutting colourful vinyl and heatpressing to denim stretched over a chunky canvas frame - the first designs dressed a wall. 
- Fluffy cushions -
Our first collection is a colourful retro set of cassette tapes that have been welcomed in to teenager bedrooms and man caves alike. 
We have focused on using quality fabrics that wear well and are easily maintained, and our style and design is what sets us apart from the competition.
Let's talk!
If you have any questions please fill in our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Alternatively you can email us at info@elenba.com 
Elenba is a brand under the company Wayfinder Trading Ltd. Company number: 12645214